Saturday, July 16, 2011

Healthy Travel Tips

Many employees look forward to taking business trips out of town. It gives them a chance to travel, see new places, and experience new things at a minimal cost. Too much travel, though, can quickly burn out anyone and take its toll on the health. Here are some tips on how to keep healthy the next time you travel:

1. Get regular exercise. Traveling entails a lot of sitting when you're flying or driving to a destination.

To counteract these long periods, make you take time to use your body, especially the lower part. Even walking down the plane's aisles can help.

2. Maintain a healthy diet. Keep your energy levels up by eating the right foods. Don't skip meals, even if you end up sleeping late.

Food that is easy on the stomach such as eggs, oatmeal, or fresh fruit is good for your digestive system, especially when you are stressed. Stick to light foods when travelling.

3. Explore the place you are traveling to. Make the most of your business trip by enjoying the local sights, sounds, and culture. This should lift your mood after a day of stressful work and get you going for the next round. It's also a great way to make new friends.

Though majority of your time will be spent working, who says you can't mix business with pleasure? Still, if you find you are too tired to go out and explore the area, you can lessen your stress by staying in the hotel and perhaps cleaning out your email or writing those letters you need to. This way, you'll free yourself for exploring the next day.

Whatever you do and however you do it, just remember when you travel to eat healthy, get some exercise, and rest when you can - the basics for staying healthy.

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